Call 866.HELP.GCE (866-435-7423)

Whatever your circumstances are, help is always available. If there are supplies that you need on the weekends or after business hours you can call our Emergency hotline at 866.HELP.GCE.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our team will help get you the products you need in a time-sensitive or difficult situation.

This Powered by Care service is one of Granite City Electric’s biggest initiatives for cultivating a team environment that will build personal relationships with our customers.


Get an earlier start on your work day with the free Granite City Electric Night Train delivery service.   Place your order by 6pm Monday through Friday, and your driver will deliver it to any secure area (jobsite, workshop, residence, etc) by 6am the following morning guaranteed.  No need to send your personnel to our counters in the morning or waste your own time in line to pick up product.

Go directly to your job in the morning and your materials will be there waiting for you.  Our drivers will make sure the goods are safe and in a secure location, uploading a location photo to our system for proof of delivery.   With a fleet of trucks out of Springfield and Taunton, Massachusetts, we can make hundreds of time-sensitive deliveries in one night.

GCE Site Finders for Night Train Deliveries are now available!

These weather-resistant stickers are finished with a reflective coating that lights up the night when shined with light.  You can now leave a GCE Site Finder sticker at the location where you’d like your deliveries dropped off. Ask for one today!


Need our team to drop off a larger delivery?  We’ve got you covered with our 20 and 40 foot holding containers (with padlocks) delivered right to your job site, at no extra cost to you.

Your GCE supplies can stay locked up in a convenient location throughout the project (also great for protection from unpredictable weather).  We’ll take care of removing it as soon as the job is done!


Every Granite City Electric branch carries a large stock in Copper wire.  We’ve taken things further by investing in newer and larger parallel steel reels and new wire cutting machines to increase our capacity.

This allows us to offer quicker turnaround time on orders and a safer process for everyone.  Read more here.

 GCE Conduit Carts

Our loanable conduit carts are designed for easy movement of large bundles of conduit on the job site.  A Heavy Duty design and 3,500 lb. weight capacity make them perfect for jobs of all sizes. Each cart features a side load with forklift base, Phenolic and stabilizer wheels, and swivel guidance for longer, easier transport.

PLUS Free delivery and pick up to make your job easier.  Take advantage of this no charge Service! Call Your Branch for Details.

Lighting Showrooms

Granite City Electric Supply has 7 retail lighting showrooms across southern New England and Connecticut.  Each showroom has thousands of lighting fixtures on display for every style taste and room in your home.

We are stocked with a friendly and knowledgeable staff who care about your next lighting design project.  Find a Granite City Electric Showroom near you or Shop Online.


Business trends are moving more and more towards being completely digital and paperless.  Not only does it save money on stamps and paper, it is better for the environment and most importantly reduces wasteful paper clutter.

With E-Voicing from Granite City Electric, receive your invoices directly to your email account by 11am the next business day. This benefits your business by allowing you to faster manage your job billing, speeding up your cash flow, reduce your transaction costs, and ultimately increasing profitability.

To help keep you even more organized, Granite City’s E-Voicing is compatible with QuickBooks®, Peach Tree, Timberline, Viewpoint, and Forefront accounting software with additional options for picking your file format. With each invoice you will receive a file with your invoice data that can be imported directly into your program. You’ll be provided with simple step-by-step instructions to get started instantly. Click here to join.


You might be thinking, what’s the point if I still have to mail in a check?  Save your stamps and call in your payment with your checking account number and bank routing number.

Paperless E-voicing and payments lessens the possibility of misplacing your invoices and checks.  Misplaced invoices and checks can cause your payments to be late (incurring late fees) or even worse could wind up in the wrong hands.  A large part of identity theft happens because of stolen mail, another reason E-voicing and phone payments are beneficial to putting you in greater control of your private information.

Granite City Electric wants to help give you peace of mind that your bills will be paid, your work space will be free of paper clutter, and your private information remains private!