The radiant® Wireless Charger from Legrand instantly provides a convenient, clutter-free charging station, perfect for clearing space on counters and nightstands. It works with Qi-enabled phones, and includes two traditional outlets and a USB port to offer additional power options.  Featuring a clean, classic aesthetic the Wireless Chargers include screwless, decorative wall plates, and easily replace standard single-gang outlets using the existing electrical wiring.

For more information on phone compatibility and Qi wireless charging: Click here.

The radiant® collection is a step up from the standard with simple, classic options in wiring devices, home automation controls and screwless wall plates that complement today’s homes.

  • Instantly provides a clutter-free space to charge your phone.
  • Replaces any existing single gang outlet for easy installation.
  • 3.1A to power any cell phone, tablet or USB device.
  • Perfect for new construction or remodel; no need for special wiring.
  • Qi certified, assuring a safe, reliable wireless charging experience.
  • The radiant® collection offers a consistent look across all switches, dimmers, outlets, and home automation controls
  • Includes tamper resistant duplex receptacle with a USB port


In Stock Now RWC826USBWCCV2