Extension to the TeSys D family offering large-range AC/DC coils with very low consumption.

tesys contactors

Features & Benefits

  • Low control amps > Lower permanent consumption
    Reduced coil power (just 0.5 W / 24 V DC for the BBE coil) contributes to increased machine energy efficiency.
  • Low control current > Direct PLC control
    TeSys D Green contactors (with BBE coil code) can be driven by a common 24 V DC / 500 mA static output, eliminating the need for an interposing relay.
  • Large coil voltage range > Reliable operation
    With the expansive voltage range, contactor operation is less susceptible
    to under voltage, over voltage, and voltage sag.
  • Large coil voltage range > Reduced inventory / spares
    Fewer part numbers are needed to cover the commonly used control voltages, reducing the number of part numbers to carry for new or replacement needs.
  • Coil monitoring / control > Reduced contact bounce
    TeSys D Green contractors prevent microbreaks due to machine shocks
    and vibrations, increasing the reliability and performance of the machine.

    TeSys D Green contactors apply the latest technology to expand the coil voltage range while significantly reducing coil consumption. Available from 9 to 65 amps with only 4 coil voltage ranges from 24 to 500 V AC or DC.

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