Magelis Human Machine Interface and Industrial PC

hmi magelis

Schneider Electric can help you meet the challenges of the trends impacting our world. With a long history of innovation in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Industrial PCs (iPC), we offer the right choices for a wide range of applications.

The HMI is able to connect to everything smart in the system. It supports simultaneous multi-protocol connectivity that allows it to communicate with all leading brands of PLC, drives, intelligent sensors, and so on. Our customers may have equipment from a variety of manufacturers, the HMI can be a bridge to share data between devices.

The HMI is the window into the machine and the operator needs a clear and easy-to-use interface. HMI development tools allow project designers to create structured pages and navigation, dynamic content to show system status and inputs, and views for alarms or alerts and provide the necessary information for effective troubleshooting and maintenance.

Data Management
The HMI can access all system data and put it to good use. View trends and run-time data. View historical information and create reports. Use this information to track productivity, waste or downtime. Analyze data to determine root cause for problems. Improve efficiency in scheduling production and staffing hours or when to order supplies and materials.

Security & Accountability
The HMI can control access to the system and record user actions. Assign users to groups and manage levels of access based on user function. Use biometric verification to improve authorization. Historical activity logs link users to inputs and modifications to system data with time and date stamp.

Remote Access
The HMI should give remote users the ability to view system status and make adjustments while away from the control panel. Mobile users can use a tablet, smartphone or PC to access the equipment from within the plant or from around
the world. Remote access helps reduce the need for travel to the system site and to help plan appropriately when a remote site visit is necessary.

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