The EPANL is a visually stunning, low profile, easy to install luminaire. The fully luminous lens provides a glare free solution creating a very comfortable environment. Add in standard 0-10V dimming and you can create the right amount of light for the space or task. With a depth of only two inches, restricted plenum space is no longer a concern.


The EPANL luminaire is easy to install with great features making it ideal for many different applications. The EPANL is available in two lumen packages and three sizes with unmatched configurations and an advantageous specification locker for a versatile solution that is DLC qualified (Standard and Premium) and eligible for utility rebates

Key Features:
ƒ Lumen packages
ƒ 3400L – 2′ x 2′
ƒ 4000L – 1′ x 4′ and 2′ x 4′
ƒ Long-life LEDs maintain 70% of their lumen output at 60,000 hours
ƒ 0-10V driver with 10% dimming
ƒ MVOLT 120-277V standard

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