Speed up wire installation, simplifying your rough-in

Contractors can say so long to the frustrating removal of knockouts, installing wire connectors, and blindly pulling wire into a load center. Speed up installation and slide wires from the front with the Qwik-Grip wire management system. With a quick bend of the wire using the wire bend guide on the Qwik-Grip insert, the wire easily slides into the slot. Then, snap on the Qwik-Grip shield to keep the wires behind the router for a secure, code compliant installation. Qwik-Grip, a state of the art wire management system, lets you to move on the next job quicker.

Speed Up Installation (Qwik-Grip-IC-900x500)

Qwik-Grip Wire Management System Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates most knockout removal
  • Eliminates most box connectors
  • Speeds up and simplifies rough-ins
  • Great for service upgrades, remodels or just adding a circuit
  • UL Listed, code compliant