Time of Flight (TOF) principle: light measured by time of flight

Telemecanique OsiSense XUK8T products are distance measurement sensors.

TOF sensor

To ensure smooth and steady flow of your packaging and handling process, you need to accurately measure and control the proximity of objects moving down the conveyor belt. The OsiSense™ XUK8T compact photoelectric laser sensors offer reliable detection with high accuracy background suppression. Ultra-precise distance measurement is enabled by the time of flight (TOF) method using light velocity.

These sensors are dedicated to tasks involving the measurement and control of objects with a variety of surfaces, over long distances. They provide reliable and accurate distance measurement, even with tilted, clear, reflective or luminous objects.


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Compact and robust
• Standard 50x50mm body
• M12 connector with two cable positions
• Resistant against chemical agents and high pressure cleaning
• Remote teach-in available if space is limited and pushbutton not accessible

Easy to use
• Adaptable to your application need: distance sensor or background suppression
• Simple fixing in standard holes or sliding dovetail (rear or underneath)
• Autodetect binary output for connection to PNP or NPN
• Easy configuration menu: only two pushbutton clicks and it’s done!

Reliable detection
• Accurate visible red laser light for small
object detection
• Tilt angle detection
• Efficient background suppression even against highly reflective surfaces
(high visibility vests, etc.)
• High detection rate (500hz) for fast-
moving applications