In the electrical system of a food and beverage facility and elsewhere, the T&B Fittings Stainless Steel Drain Adapter provides the means to drain accumulated moisture or
small debris from stainless steel electrical enclosures for non-threaded connections. Most current solutions for this issue involve improvised breathers and require welding
and caulking.

T&B’s new stainless steel drain adapter provides an easy-to-install, UL® Listed drain point at any ordinary location of the electrical system where threaded connections are not possible. A stainless steel ball valve can be assembled to the drain adapter to provide the convenience of controlling and inspecting the drainage process, and by closing the valve, the assembly becomes suitable for wash-down areas.

TnB Stainless-Steel-Drain-Adaptor-Product-Sheet

t b nema 4x.JPG

Features & Benefits
−− The drain adaptor and ball valve are NSF Certified for food
and beverage applications.

−− When the drain adapter is used in conjunction with the T&B
ball valve, the assembly offers a UL Type 4X rating and is
suitable for wash down areas.

−− The adapter and valve are both constructed of Type 316
Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance.

−− The innovative, compact body design and special-grade
silicone gasket make the drain adapter suitable for
installation in tight spaces and on curved surfaces.

−− Large drain orifices, an integral breather, and no moving
parts ensures long-lasting performance without clogging,
even when exposed to viscous liquids or small debris.

−− Both the drain adaptor and the ball valve offer a ¼” female
NPT threaded connection for assembling a drain tube to
direct the liquid removal.