The ZTL Series Photocontrol is designed with enhanced ZERO-CROSS Switching Technology allowing it to withstand the high inrush currents commonly found in LED Luminaires.

ztl nsi 2

Zero-Cross Electronic LED Photocontrol Mounting Turn-Lock


• All LED, CFL, Induction, HPS and HID lighting fixtures requiring dusk to dawn control and enhanced protection against extreme inrush currents.

• Ideal for roadway, area, parking, flood and security type lighting fixtures.

• Enhanced 510 Joule MOV surge device providing superior surge protection against unpredictable line voltage spikes.

• Superior light sensing technology driven by a Non-Drifting Filtered Silicon Sensor designed for extreme accuracy and Human Eye Response.

• Circuit Board protection enhanced with conformal coating to protect against extreme weather elements and moisture.

• Photocontrol designed for 20 year long life requirement found on most LED fixtures.