The LSRX/LSRX-C Series are AC current sensors designed to energize the output contact whenever 4.5 Amps or greater is present. The LSRX/LSRX-C Series is used commonly as an AC current proof relay to indicate if a motor is operating. It can also be used to interlock fans, compressors and motors; to indicate equipment status such as feed rates, tool wear, loss of prime on pumps, mixer viscosity and all types of current sensing conditions or to stage pump motors, chillers, or other machinery. Click here for Spec sheet.

littelfuse relay.JPG

This device combines a current transformer (CT), transducer and high current output relay together to switch alarm circuits, contactors and most resistive or inductive loads. The LSRX/ LSRX-C Series can perform the function of an auxiliary contact, yet has the advantages of universal application and isolation.


  • Self-powered – Eliminates need for separate control voltage. Draws
    power from wire being monitored
  • Quick-connect terminals –  Saves time at installation
  • LED indication –  Visual indication of relay status
  • Built in current sensor will monitor up to 200A loads –  Eliminates the need for a stand alone current transformer and also provides isolation between the monitored and control circuits

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