Schneider Electric’s new wireless OsiSense(TM) XCKW Limit Switch is a breakthrough device, serving a vast number of applications.  Simplify machine communication where cabling is difficult, expensive, or unwanted.  It is also the perfect way to give mobile machines more freedom of movement.

Easy to install

To further simplify the installation process, the device comes in aplug & play kit, and is also offered in out-of-the-box compatible packs comprising an OsiSense XCKW limit switch and a receiver.

Proven design and robustness

OsiSense XCKW has been designed with simplicity in mind. It uses a head that is 100% compatible with XCKS and XCKM limit switches to make update to wireless seamless. Like our standard range of limit switches, we guarantee robustness of our products. The new OsiSense XCKW also benefits from an excellent waterproofness thanks to a complete sealed body.

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