The Schneider Electric TeSys U is a self-protected combination motor starter that is simple to select, simple to install and simple to use.


TeSys U provides motor control for a wide range of applications, from a basic motor starter with solid state thermal overload protection to a sophisticated motor controller which communicates on networks and includes programmable motor protection.

Using a plug-in modular design, TeSys U allows for maximum flexibility in motor control. TeSys U consists of:

• The power base provides the main contacts (power poles) for the combination starter.
Available in three versions: 12 A, 32 A and NEMA Size 1.
• The control unit provides the control and thermal overload functions for the power base. Interchangeable, wide-range control units provide motor protection from 0.15 to 32 amps.

TeSys U, a best-in-class for ease and speed of wiring, and can save you 40% in installation time compare to a more traditional motor starter solution.

TeSys U can be used in many different types of harsh environments such as in dusty atmospheres, in marine applications, in applications with high vibration and in corrosive atmospheres.

The TeSys U behavior under short circuit is outstanding. TeSys U is UL508E certified and rated 65kA 480V. Your process downtime will be reduced dramatically thanks to the non welding contact after a short circuit event.

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