The S-Flex Enclosed Altivar 212 Drive 


The Square D brand S-FLEX™ features the Altivar 212 drive on the inside and provides  100 kAIC rating for commercial pump and fan applications.  The S-Flex is an economical package that includes a circuit breaker disconnect and optional bypass contactors, drive input disconnect switch or line contactor.  The S-Flex enclosed drive is rated as a NEMA Type 1 enclosure and is ideal for use in residential high rise and mixed-used buildings, commercial office buildings, schools and campus environments.

These drives have approximately 300+ parameters which must be programmed in order to properly operate an AC induction motor. The Altivar™ Programming Tool by Schneider Electric™ allows users to create and save configurations for the ATV212 and S-Flex variable torque drives. Help screens and detailed parameter programming instructions are embedded in the App to assist user in equipment start up commissioning. Once a configuration is created, it can uploaded, downloaded and stored for project record.

Download the Altivar 212 App on itunes

altivar app

Schneider Electric variable-speed drives (VSDs) are energy saving controls that can help you realize a relatively large increase in energy savings even with a small decrease in speed.  Because the demand on heating and cooling systems can vary with outside temperature, building occupancy and production level, VSDs are ideally suited to improve the operation of your HVAC applications.  Your local utility may also have incentives available.

Most importantly, National Grid currently offers substantial rebates on the Altivar 212 and other VSDs that result in a very substantial discount.

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