intermatic covers

Cover more applications with the most versatile Weatherproof Covers on the market.  Intermatic’s durable Plastic Weatherproof Covers offer long-lasting protection in all types of rugged applications: industrial, commercial, manufacturing, residential, and more! Time-saving features and resilient construction make these weatherproof covers the most versatile around.

WP5000 Extra-Duty Plastic Series

Extra-Duty Plastic Weatherproof Covers are easy to install and shipped with an adhered gasket, mounting screws, base, cover assembly, and inserts for a variety of applications. All Weatherproof Covers come with Flexi-Guard Inserts and mounting screws. Select an insert, rotate to fit, and snap into cover.





  • Complies with 2014 Article 406.9(B)(1) for Wet Locations and extra-duty Applications
  • Heavy-Duty UV stabilized polycarbonate construction ensures long-lasting durability
  • Single-gang covers mount vertically or horizontally
  • Single Gang Models:
    • 3 inserts provided with all models that allow each model to meet multiple installations (up to 16 configurations)
  • Reinforced Hinge Pin – designed to exceed 40lb Hinge Hang/Stress Test
  • Impact Rated: 12 lb impact test to ensure cover remains in-tact
  • Lockable Hasp: All models accept up to 0.25″ Dia Shank
  • Meets requirements for cold impact testing: -60°F (-51°C)
  • Available in 10 different colors