1. Why would I choose a wireless pushbutton?

They are easy to install as you do not have to pass a cable through the machine or cable tray to connect the pushbutton to the panel. This could save up to 20% of installation costs compared to traditional wired solutions.

2. How does the wireless pushbutton work?

When the operator pushes a button, mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy, which sends a one-time radio message to the receiver.

3. Are there batteries to replace?


4. What is the distance limitation of the wireless pushbuttons?

100 meters is the published limit if the receiver (relay) is not in an enclosure, and 25 meters if it is in an enclosure. This distance can be extended with the use of an antenna

5. Can the wireless push button be used in an emergency stop application?

All emergency stop applications must be hardwired. The Harmony wireless push button should not be used in any critical application.

6. How many transmitters can be programmed to a receiver?

32 transmitters can be programmed to a receiver and an unlimited amount of receivers can be programmed to single transmitter.

7. Will the pushbuttons cross talk or activate other units?

No. They use a unique radio frequency and the pushbutton and receiver are programmed to each other.

8. Are the XB5R Wirless Push Buttons rated for CLASS 1 DIV 1?

It is not rated for Class 1 Division 1 or 2

It is rated for NEMA1,3R,4,12, IP40, IP55, IP65

9. How many programmable relays can be connected to one wireless pushbutton?

There is no limit.

10. Will arc welding interfere with the XB5R wireless push button transmission?

Possibly, if it does you can locate a ZBRA1 antenna above the welding process to transfer the signal.

11. What are the mounting options?

These can be mounted just like a traditional wired pushbutton in a 22mm hole in a pushbutton enclosure, or in a hand held enclosure, offering flexibility and convenience to the customer.

12. Can I see it before I buy it?

The industrial group has a demo. Emailindustrialgroup@granitecityelectric.com to schedule one.

13. How do I contact the Granite City Electric Industrial Group?

Email: industrialgroup@granitecityelectric.com

Phone: 1-844-368-9317

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