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Did you know that not all Energy Efficient bulbs are created equal?  When shopping through the bulb isle at your local grocery, home improvement or electrical supply store you might see the words “Energy Efficient” all over the Bulb packaging.

Now that you know you’re buying an energy efficient bulb, your next move as a business owner will be to look at prices.  You might notice a significant difference in price across the shelf.  The reason for this is that some of the Energy Efficient bulbs you’re looking at are Compact Fluorescents (also known as CFLs), Halogen Incandescent, or LEDs (light emitting diodes).  You will notice however, a correlation between the price of a bulb and the level of energy efficiency it offers.

When reading the packaging you will want to pay attention to the wattage. To get the same bightness of light as a traditional 60 watt Incandescent your options are:

43 watt – Energy-Saving Incandescent

15 watt- CFL

12 watt-  LED

Ok, so you see that the CFLs and LEDs are both very low and similar in wattage, and the CFL is cheaper.  So choosing a CFL seems like the most cost effective choice right?

Not quite yet.  Another important detail to consider is the Life Span of the Bulb.  How many hours will the bulb light your commercial space until it burns out and needs to be replaced?

THAT’S where LED becomes the best option.

led bulb lighting facts

It’s important to notice the new LED Lighting Facts® labels you’ll see on more and more packages. We did our own label above to show you the difference in Life Span Hours across Energy Efficient bulb options:

43 watt – Energy-Saving Incandescent – Lights for 1200 hours 

15 watt- CFL – Lights for 8,000 hours

12 watt- LED – Lights for 50,000 hours. 

Initially you pay less for some energy efficient bulbs but the cost to replace them over and over again will end up costing much more time and money in the long run.  Something a business owner can not afford. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it is a fact that in the long run, companies can, and will, save money on their lighting expenses by installing LEDs.

LEDs for $1 in Massachusetts

June 1- December 31, 2015, Granite City Electric has been authorized to offer our commercial customers in Massachusetts, LED bulbs for $1 each (+ tax*).

Who qualifies? Any Massachusetts commercially metered business! Does it matter where in Massachusetts? No! However, your utility company will determine whether you pay $1 or you get your bulbs for free!  Unitil customers can receive LED lamps at the minimum contribution of $0.00 while anyone with National Grid, Cape Light Compact and Eversource pay $1.00.  Take advantage of this program while it lasts!


We’ve recently hired Margie McNally, LED Lighting Specialist at Granite City Electric Supply. Massachusetts Business Owners can contact Margie to take advantage of this state rebate program available to commercial MA Businesses until the end of this year. Or you can contact her at any time with your lighting questions. She is LEED certified and can provide you with a FREE lighting Energy Assessment.

DIRECT: 617-769-4675

CELL: 617-594-1487

EMAIL: margie.mcnally@granitecityelectric.com