Hubbell Watertight Wiring Devices are made to withstand the most abusive environments.  They are rated to withstand harsh, wet environments common to food and beverage facilities but can be used in a multitude of applications including: Agriculture, Water Treatment, Outdoor Entertainment, Factories, etc.

Mud and standing water are no match for these rugged engineered devices.  Ideal for delivering power to all types of industrial and commercial machinery and equipment consistently.

Plugs and Connectors

  • Keyed interior for easy installation
  • High conductivity brass termination
  • Hubbell’s patented Gotcha® ring and collapsible busing yields the industry’s best strain relief
  • Unique cone seal prevents dirt and debris from collecting at the cable entrance
  • All Stainless steel hardware and corrosion resistant connection points
  • Cone seal adjusts to any cable range
  • Triple bypass seal keeps water away from electrical connections and work swith previously installed devices
  • Free-floating cap allows unwanted materials to wash away during sanitation
  • Smooth body design minimizes collection points simplifying the wash down process

Watertight Wiring Devices

  • Stainless steel hinge spring, pin and mounting hardware
  • Impact resistant PBT material lid and cover plate
  • Lockable cover meets OSHA lockout/Tagout regulations
  • Thermoplastic elastomer seal
  • Watertight Lift Covers also available for use with standard receptacles.

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