August 3rd – Septemer 30th 2015, The Department of Energy Resources (DOER) is offering Energy Saving GE LED and 4-foot Linear Fluorescent Lamps to State and Government customers of Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Unitil or National Grid In Massachusetts FREE OF CHARGE.  Customers of other electric systems are not eligible.

This Free Bulbs program is a part of The Leading by Example (LBE) Program, an initiative set up with aggressive targets for facilities owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding greenhouse gas emission reductions, energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy, green buildings, and water conservation.

Granite City Electric is authorized to offer our Commonwealth of Massachusetts Customers qualifying GE bulbs free of charge as an approved FAC76 contract supplier.

Program Requirements:

  • There is no limit to the number of lamps facilities can order.
  • All lamps must be installed in a public facility/location and replacing existing in-use lamps in public ways and spaces.
  • Free bulbs must be installed by December 4th 2015 and all installs are subject to inspection.
  • Government customers of Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Unitil or National Grid. Customers of other electric systems are not eligible

This program is designed to help state agencies reduce energy consumption as well as maintenance and energy costs without the upfront replacement costs.

Qualifying Lamp Categories include:

  • Linear Fluorescent Lamps (LFL)
  • LED Lamps
  • LED Fixtures

Contact Your Branch By September 30th, 2015 To Order!

List of qualifying products:

Product Code Description
11332 LED7DA19/827 7W A19 2700K
71208 LED7DA19/830 7W A19 3000K
11328 LED11DA19/827 11W A19 2700K
71209 LED11DA19/830 11W A19 3000K
14075 LED13DA21/827 13W A21 2700K
14074 LED16DA21/827 16W A21 2700K
34236 LED16DA21/830 16W A21 3000K
68160 LED10DR30V/827W 10W BR30 2700K
68161 LED10DR30V/830W 10W BR30 3000K
64176 LED13DBR40/827 13W BR40 2700K
14708 LED13DBR40/830 13W BR40 3000K
94217 LED12DP3L2W82720 12W PAR30 2700K, 20 deg
94220 LED12DP302W82735 12W PAR30 2700K, 35 deg
42133 LED12DP30RW82725 12W PAR30, 2700K, 25 de
42144 LED12DP3LRW82740 12W PAR30, 2700K, 40 de
84384 LED12DP30RW83025 12W PAR30, 3000K, 25 de
42131 LED12DP30RW83040 12W PAR30, 3000K, 40 de
42136 LED12DP3LRW83025 12W PAR30, 3000K, 25 de
42137 LED12DP3LRW83040 12W PAR30, 3000K, 40 de
90132 LED12DP382W82725 12W PAR38, 2700K, 25 de
90154 LED18DP38W827/25 18W PAR38, 2700K, 25 de
92958 LED18D38OW382740 18W PAR38, 2700K, 40 de
92963 LED18D38OW383025 18W PAR38, 3000K, 25 de
90151 LED12DP382W83035 12W PAR38, 3000K, 35 de
92967 LED18D38OW383040 18W PAR38, 3000K, 40 de
90162 LED18DP38W840/25 18W PAR38, 4000K, 25 de
39360 LED7DMRX16827/25 7W MR16, 2700K, 25 degr
39405 LED7DMRX16827/35 7W MR16, 2700K, 35 degr
69951 LED7XDMR16D82725 7W MR16 2700K, 25 degre
69952 LED7XDMR16D82735 7W MR16 2700K, 35 degre
69920 LED7DMR16D830/25 7W MR16 3000K, 25 degre
39351 LED7DMRX16830/35 7W MR16, 3000K, 35 degr
69949 LED7XDMR16D83025 7W MR16 3000K, 25 degre
69950 LED7XDMR16D83035 7W MR16 3000K, 35 degre
39408 LED7DMRX16840/25 7W MR16, 4000K, 25 degr
69927 LED7DMR16D840/35 7W MR16 4000K, 35 degre
66471 F28T8/XLSPP35ECO 28W 4′ T8 3500K
66472 F28T8/XLSPP41ECO 28W 4′ T8 4100K
66473 F28T8/XLSPP50ECO 28W 4′ T8 5000K
95853 LED10RS4/827E26P 4″ LED Downlight, 2700K
95854 LED10RS4/830E26P 4″ LED Downlight, 3000K
85153 LED10RS6/827E26 6″ LED Downlight, 2700K
85160 LED10RS6/830E26 6″ LED Downlight, 3000K