June 1- December 31, 2015, Granite City Electric has been authorized to offer our commercial customers in Massachusetts LED bulbs (aka lamps) for $1 each. That’s right! Commercial Businesses and Entities can now save for years on electrical bills and usage with ‪LED Lighting‬ for only 4 quarters. ‬


• Lighting accounts for 22-30% of business energy consumption.

• President Obama’s U.S. Department of Energy predicts the switch to LED lighting over the next two decades could save $250 billion in energy costs.

• LEDs can help commercial business owners save money and reduce their electricity usage for lighting by as much as 80 percent.

• LED Lighting lasts 5-10 years longer and requiring less replacement costs

• Lowering costs for LED.  Thanks to Massachusetts rebate programs, Massachusetts businesses can purchase select LED bulbs for $1 each.


A typical incandescent bulb uses 60 watts of power to generate light, while a bulb with LED technology can produce the same light for less than 15 watts. A more efficient product like LED means less expensive light for the business owner.  Now that is a return on investment!

Are you using incandescent bulbs in your commercial building?  If so, you’re not alone.  Many commercial businesses are still utilizing incandescent bulbs – a 130+ year old technology that converts most of the bulb’s energy to heat rather than light.

According to research, roughly 5.6 billion bulbs light up American households and businesses, including 4.2 billion incandescent bulbs and about 1 billion compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs that contain toxic mercury.  And because these bulbs are short lasting, more than 1 billion new bulbs are purchased every year.

Consumers are already utilizing LED technology without even realizing it – in our Smart Phones and TVs.  The obstacle that has hindered the widespread use of efficient LEDs has been the higher cost of LED compared to the old technologies.  UNTIL NOW…

Now for $1 on select LED bulbs, commercial businesses in Massachusetts can be in the forefront of pushing past obstacles and bringing America steps closer to saving $250 billion in energy costs.


LED A-Line

General purpose dimmable bulbs.

40 watt- 60 watt Equivalent

Description PRO#
GE LED 11watt 120 volt 2700k color temp 11328
GE LED 11watt 120 volt 3000k color temp 71209
PHILIPS 10.5watt 2700k color temp 433276
PHILIPS 9.5watt 2200k-2700k color temp 453324

LED BR30 and BR40 Lamps

Dimmable reflector lamps for recessed can and down lighting application – typically used in the restaurant, hospitality and property management sectors.LED BR30 and BR40 Lamps

65 watt -85 watt equivalent

Description PRO#
GE LED 10watt BR30 120V 2700k color temp 68160
GE LED 10watt BR30 120V 3000k color temp 68161
PHILIPS LED 9.5 watt BR30 2200K-2700K color temp 452243
PHILIPS LED  9.5 watt BR30 /SLIM/F90 2700 6/1 452367
GE LED 13watt BR40 120V 2700k color temp 64176
GE LED 13watt BR40 120V 3000k color temp 14708
PHILIPS LED 12watt BR40 2700k color temp 431940

PAR38 Lamps

LED commercial indoor/outdoor lamps for high light output typically used in Retail applications. UL wet rated for outdoor applications.

85 watt – 100 watt equivalent  

Description PRO#
GE LED 12watt- 85 watt replacement 2700k color temp 120V  Flood Beam 90151
GE LED 18 watt – 100 watt replacement 2700k color temp 120V Narrow Beam 90154
GE LED 18watt – 100 watt replacement 2700k color temp 120V Flood Beam 94453
GE LED 18 watt – 100 watt replacement 3000k color temp 120V  Narrow Beam 90159
GE LED 18 watt – 100 watt replacement 3000k color temp 120V Flood Beam 90160
GE LED 18 watt – 100 watt replacement 4000k color temp 120V Narrow Beam 90162

TO ORDER: Contact your Account Manager or Visit a Granite City Electric Branch Near You

*PROGRAM NOTES: Massachusetts Commercial Businesses only, bulbs must be purchased by December 31st 2015 and installed 30 days after received.  Subject to state audit.

Our very own Energy Group has worked with 100s of local commercial businesses, including Fenway Park, Planet Fitness, TJX, WB Mason, Jet Blue, etc, providing Free Energy Audits to get started on energy saving.  As business operating expenses drop with efficient lighting, these companies are also recording boosts in profit growth.
Contact our Energy Group for more information or visit a Granite City Electric Branch Near You.