The Energy group at Granite City Electric is all about saving business owners money and improving lighting with energy efficient options. Our team will work with business owners throughout the entire project to ensure a guaranteed and substantial return on your investment with LED technologies, product rebate programs, and energy saving products.

The Energy Group will identify all of the money-saving opportunities that are available to ensure you are taking advantage of all that apply to your situation.  In order to do this, the Energy Group offers free personalized services to help us understand your unique needs and preferences and how they relate to saving Energy and money.

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As a business owner working with the Energy Group, you will receive a substantial decrease on your electrical bill and in Maintenance and Lamp replacement costs.  You will also receive a return on your investment in a short period of time.  The Energy Group will provide you with a free Energy Audit and Lighting Plan outlining how much it will cost to purchase energy efficient lighting options and how quickly you will make your money back through Energy Savings.

As an Electrical Contractor working with the Energy Group, you will receive a referral fee for setting up your customers with the Energy Group.  You will also receive a new job opportunity to install all of the new Energy Efficient Lighting!

Get started!  Contact the Energy Group at:

1-844-445-1212 or