Look UP to get started.  4 Easy Steps to Saving:

Step 1

Look at your utility bill.  What is your kWh rate? How much wattage did you use last month?

The cost of your utility bill will depend on where you live, how much you use, time of year and who your provider is.  New England home owner’s average is 21 cents/kWh.

Example:  If you have 20 recessed lights in your home that use a 65 Watt Incandescent Lamp, the cost to run them for 30 days for 8 hours each day would be $65.52.  Take the same scenario and put in a LED lamp and cost to run would drop to $10.08 

Look on your utility bill to see how many kWh you used last month – think about where you can reduce wattage and maintain your brightness…

Step 2

Look UP – How will you keep your home bright and reduce your wattage use at the same time?
Save energy with the same brightness and lower wattage by upgrading your bulbs/fixtures to LED.  Not to mention LED lighting requires much less maintenance and replacement to add to your savings!

If brightness is important to you, then replacing or upgrading your old incandescent bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs, will require considering the Lumen Output versus the Wattage as well as the color temperature of the bulb.

A Granite City Electric lighting specialist can help you with this.  Fill out the form in Step 4 for help.

Step 3

Look UP to see where you can save.  How many bulbs, fixtures or controls do you need to upgrade?

Go room by room to create a list of what you currently have and then let Granite City Electric find you the most cost effective lighting options and applicable rebates.

Step 4

Contact us to start the Energy Saving Process!