Have you been in contact with the Granite City Electric Energy Group? Did you know that our Energy Group is available to contractors and business owners to help you save money, time & energy? With the rising costs of energy and ever evolving LED Technology, let our team assist you with the best options for your business.  Read some examples of our success stories below!

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LED technology is growing and changing every day. That is why we are here to help you select and understand the best products to use on the market today. Not only does our team help your business understand the features and benefits of energy saving products, but we are well versed in the rebate programs available to the business owner.

New England has one the most aggressive rebate programs in the country. Why not take advantage? The Mass Save program offers numerous incentives for business owners to take advantage of.

If you are a business owner looking to change out the interior lighting inside your building, you may qualify for a rebate of up to $85 per light fixture! Even better… do you have a parking lot?  Change out the exterior lights in your parking lot and you can receive a rebate anywhere from $100 – $300 per fixture!

On top of the savings and updates to your lighting, you are saving energy & you have eliminated maintenance. No more blown lamps and bad ballasts… your new lighting has essentially become maintenance free.

We haven’t even touched on the safety factor! While improving the lighting on your property you have also decreased your chances for vandalism and your employees feel safer getting to their cars at night.

How about managing and controlling your lighting from your home, tablet or phone? The list seems endless…

How have businesses saved time, money, energy and improved the safety of their business? Here’s are a few ways business owners have done so by using the Granite City Electric Energy Group:

energy group success stories

Business A: The existing lighting were 400W HID High bays that were running an average of 12hours per day.  GCE Energy Team suggested a LED High Bay to replace the 400W HID fixtures. The new fixtures were reduced to 125W. The light levels increased in the space and the utility company approved this business for a rebate of $12,000! After the upfront investment the business will pay for this project in under 6 months!

Business B: A local high school has many lights that have either failed or require constant tending to. Replacing lamps and ballasts can be an never ending battle for a facilities department.  One local school has worked with the GCE Energy Team to select appropriate area lights to improve the safety of their students, parents and administration, while at the same time eliminating the maintenance factor of the existing 20 year old fixtures. New selected fixtures and a utility rebate will result in improved lighting and a payback of only 20 months. Now isn’t this work investing into the safety of our kids?

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