energy savings calculator

With the recent increase in electricity rates, it has never been more important for electrical contractors to show your customers some LED options.  Everyone knows that LED lighting fixtures are more energy efficient, last longer, and require less maintenance and replacement.  However, there will still be commercial customers and business owners who are nervous about the upfront costs associated with a full retrofit or new installation.

While some money will be spent upfront purchasing new LED fixtures, the savings associated with the reduced wattage fixtures can rapidly offset the initial costs.  And with rebates available for commercial customers of NGRID, NSTAR, WMECO, Unitil and Cape Light Compact, your customers will see a return on investment in a short period time with energy savings for years to come.

The Energy group at Granite City Electric is available to work with you on any new construction or retrofit project to ensure all money-saving opportunities are identified, all rebate opportunities are utilized and processed, and fixture costs are minimized.

The Energy Savings Estimator above highlights the most commonly used and replaced commercial lighting fixtures as an example.

400W Metal Halide Area Light
250W Metal Halide Highbay
150W Metal Halide Wall Pack
32W 3 Lamp T8 2X4
32W 3 Lamp T8 Wrap
32W 2 Lamp T8 Vaportight

It shows you what the existing wattage for each fixture is, the estimated hours most will burn for a year, and a basic KwH rate a customer will see on their electricity bill.  The Annual Energy Costs calculated in the estimator is for operating only 1 fixture- multiply that by 20, 40, 60, etc to estimate out the whole establishment.

This estimator shows that If a customer were to switch to an LED fixture they are guaranteed a savings of hundreds of dollars on Annual Energy Costs on just one fixture alone.

To get started, contact the Granite City Electric Energy Group to schedule an Energy Audit for your customer.  An Energy Audit will determine how many fixtures should be replaced or installed, what type of fixtures should be purchased and the cost of the fixtures after rebate if applicable.  An Energy Audit will also determine the Energy Savings calculations and how long it will take make their money back on any upfront costs.

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