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1. What do I need to know to pick the right contactor?
Amperage or horse power, coil voltage, and whether the load is inductive (motors, transformers) or resistive (electric heaters, lighting). You should also confirm you do NOT need overload protection (if you need it, you will need a starter.)

2. What if I need a starter?
Same as above, plus full load amps of motor (FLA). A starter is a contactor plus overload protection.

3. When do I use the AC1 versus AC3 rating to size contactors and starters?
AC1 is used for resistive loads (heaters and lighting) and AC3 is used for motor or transformer loads.

4. What are Auxiliary Contacts used for?
The auxiliary contact blocks are used for the operation of auxiliary circuits and control circuits for contactors. The NO auxiliary contact is commonly used as the “hold in” contact for three wire control. Most LC1D contactors come with 1 normally open and 1 normally closed aux contacts. Extra auxiliaries can also be ordered.

5. What is phase loss protection?
Phase loss protection can be specified on the overloads. It senses the loss of one or more of the phases or legs of the three phase power, and opens the starter, preventing possible damage to the motor.

6. Can I use the Motor Starter/ Overload on a single phase motor?
Yes. Three legs still need to be wired, and you cannot use a phase sensitive overload with this application.

7. Is there a bus bar for LC1D contactors like the one for GV manual motor protectors?
Yes. The GC2G*** can be used for LC1 contactors up to 32 amps. Contact our industrial group to help you pick out the right one for the # of contactors you need to wire.

8. Is there a quick way to mount the GV2’s to a contactor?
Yes by using the GV2AF3 and GV2AF.

9. How do I know if a contact block is normally open or normally closed?
Normally open is green, normally closed is red

10. How many contacts can you use with a 22mm operator?
For standard non-illuminated buttons, nine contacts (3 side by side, 3 rows deep) can mounted. For selector switches, illuminated pushbuttons, non-illuminated push/pull and turn to release mushroom buttons, it is six. For illuminated push/pull mushroom buttons, illuminated selector switches and non-illuminated trigger actions mushroom buttons, it is four. Three can be mounted behind non-illuminated push on/push off buttons, and two behind illuminated push on/push off buttons.

11. What about the 30mm operators?
For single momentary pushbuttons, illuminated or non-illuminated, you can mount a total of 6 blocks (3 blocks mounted in tandem). For any keyed pushbutton, selector pushbutton, 2, 3 or 4 position maintained selector switch, push/pull operator, joy stick or dual pushbutton, you can mount a total of four blocks (two blocks mounted in tandem). For any two operator interlocked push buttons, you can mount two blocks in tandem, on one side only. For any 2,3or 4 position spring return selector switch, you can mount two blocks, side by side only.

12. How do I contact the GCE Industrial Group?
or Call 844-368-9317

The Granite City Electric Industrial Group’s main focus and priority is to serve industrial and institutional customers with energy and time-saving industrial solutions.  The group provides sales and product support for all industrial manufacturers with expertise in control and automation products.