Massachusetts consumers will pay significantly higher electric bills this winter as a persistent shortage of natural gas for generating plants drives power prices to record levels.

electricity rates

They announced that rates will increase by 37 percent over last winter’s, solely because the cost of buying electricity from power plants has soared to the highest level in decades, according to a company spokesman. On Friday, NSTAR also requested from the state a rate increase of 29 percent.

What does this mean for Massachusetts residents and businesses?

It has never been a better time for our commercial customers to get to know the Energy Group at Granite City Electric. This specialized division is all about saving money and improving lighting with energy efficient options. The Energy Group offers numerous options for saving money on utility bills.  This includes new LED lighting technologies, product rebate programs, and energy saving products. Our team will work with you throughout the entire project to ensure a guaranteed and substantial return on your investment.

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Because the price increases were expected to happen in New England eventually, companies like National Grid and NSTAR have many Energy Rebate programs available for consumers to take advantage of.  Making the investment in updating your lighting and reducing the amount of electricity wattage you use, WILL be an investment that will pay for itself in a short period of time.

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