Use the new T&B® Fittings Non-Metallic Expansion/Deflection Coupling™ to join two rigid PVC conduit runs in applications requiring movement in any direction at structural joints. It provides a flexible,
watertight connection, safely accommodating axial or parallel deflection of up to 3⁄4″ and angular deflection of up 30° from relaxed position.

This coupling meets the requirements of 2011 National Electrical Code® (NEC®) Article 300.4(H) for use where a raceway crosses a structural joint intended for expansion, contraction or deflection in buildings, bridges, parking garages and similar structures.

Suitable for use indoors, outdoors, direct buried or embedded in concrete in a variety of applications, including bridges, piers, parking garages, overhead walkways, hospitals and other buildings

• Watertight, flexible neoprene outer jacket with tamperproof stainless steel straps ensures superior
protection and corrosion resistance

• Inner sleeve provides a constant, smooth inner diameter in any position to ease wire pulling and prevent wire insulation damage

• Patent pending