Lightolier Sale

Now – November 6th Granite City Electric is having a Sale on Philips Lytecaster 1000-2000 LED Recessed Lighting!

The Lytecaster 1000 and 2000 Series offers an extremely wide and useful range of high performance downlights, for residential and light commercial applications. Within a single integrated system that requires a tool-free installation, Lytecaster can provide general and ambient lighting, wall washing, accent lighting and task lighting.

Proven Leadership


Embrace new technology in your lighting designs! Lytecaster LED incorporates a One Philips approach using Philips Lumiled LEDs, Philips Advance drivers and Philips Lightolier luminaries. With a 5 year warranty, 50,000 hour life and over 250 years of combined lighting experience, Lytecaster LED is the product you can trust for quality and performance.


Solid Investment


Lytecaster LED consumes up to 70% less energy than standard incandescent products while achieving comparable light output. Combine this with the many government incentives currently available and you can achieve a return on investment within two years or less.



Proven Performance – Color


Lytecaster LED is committed to quality lighting. The tightly controlled custom binning process and controlled mixing chamber ensure a quality white light and excellent color consistency. Philips’ color consistency is held to a tolerance twice as controlled as the current Energy Star standards.
Proven Performance – Visual Comfort


Their recessed mixing chamber moves the LEDs away from the ceiling line providing less glare and superior visual comfort. For greater performance, the solite lens offers an even distribution of light and will make any trim a wet location fixture.


Design Flexibility


Energy efficiency is a single component of the lighting equation. Lytecaster provides superior performance and aesthetics through our unique design that also allows you to use existing trims. Over 50 of Philips’ most popular trim styles and finishes are available to provide you a quality look and the ability to easily match installed products

Some Products to Highlight from the line include:
1027WH – 5″ Recessed Adjustable Aperture Cone
This recessed adjustable accent trim offers 35 degrees of vertical adjustment for aiming flexibility. The deeply recessed lamp position assures a low brightness aperture.
 2004ICV – 3 3/4″ IC Frame-In Kit.
2005WH- 3 3/4″ Die-cast aluminum step baffles provide excellent glare control and a classic look. Available in matte Black and White.

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