The Energy group at Granite City Electric is all about saving money and improving lighting with energy efficient options. The energy efficiency industry offers numerous options for saving money on utility bills and on product replacement and maintenance costs.  This includes new LED and lighting technologies, product rebate programs, and energy saving products. Our team will work with you throughout the entire project to ensure a guaranteed and substantial return on your investment.

Our job is to identify all of the money-saving opportunities that are available to ensure you are taking advantage of all that apply to your situation.  In order to do this, the Energy Group offers free personalized services to help us understand your unique needs and preferences and how they relate to saving Energy and money.


An Energy audit is a free onsite evaluation that will identify inefficient lighting and determine where the home or facility is losing energy and money.  One of our Powered by Care Energy Auditors will show you how the problem areas can be corrected to make your building or home more energy efficient. This includes evaluating the current lighting, energy use, and cost savings.  Based on the building itself, we will determine what the best lighting options and installations will be.  After your Energy audit, we provide a 1 page Energy Analysis outlining this process with the financial opportunities.  We can also supply you with a personalized lighting layout for your plans, updated lighting specifications, and photometrics.


Available rebates are based on your location.  These can include offers like sales tax exemptions or credits, rebates on certain brands or products, and even recycling initiatives for disposal of old products. The Department of Energy is a great resource in supporting energy efficiency, encouraging the use of renewable energy sources, and supporting efforts to conserve energy and lessen pollution.  There are National and Statewide incentives that we will provide you with information for, as well as helping to manage your application process. Current companies offering rebates include National Grid, NSTAR, Western Mass Electric, Cape Light Compact, Unitil,Connecticut Light & Power and the Mass Save program just to name a few.

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Granite City Electric hosts 6-10 Energy Summits throughout the year.  This is another Powered by Care initiative started by the company to be as knowledgeable as possible about our industry and our products.  These summits are opportunities to educate our customers and employees while also building more personal relationships.  Each Energy Summit covers important Energy topics like new LED technologies, rebate programs, new products by manufacturer and more.

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