The Bullet Flood lights by RAB Lighting are now available in LED and are even more perfect for residential or commercal landscapes.  The Bullet Flood lights can now be dimmed down to 5% and offer a 5 year warranty on LED light output, color stability, driver performance and paint finish.

The low profile design of the Bullet measures in at just 4 3/4″ x 4 1/2″ while delivering up to a whopping 1,914 lumens.


These RAB Bullet Floods are 12W LEDs equivalent to 75W BR30, Halogen or wide floods. You can mount as an uplight or downlight on a RAB Mighty Post or junction box. The Microprismatic diffusion lens offers smooth and even light distribution.

The RAB Bullet2X12NA and The RAB Bullet2X12NW:

These RAB Bullet Flood kits have two adjustable 12W LED floodlights that are equivalent to two 75W BR30, Halogen or wide floods. The microprismatic diffusion lens optimizes light output without glare.


These Smart Bullet Flood kits come with two adjustable 12W neutral LED flood lights equivalent to two 75W BR30, halogen or wide floods. Includes a motion sensor with 180 degree detection pattern at up to 30ft. Also includes Photo Control to keep lights off during the daytime. The microprismatic diffusion lens optimizes light output without glare. Comes with a 10-Year warranty on the full fixture and sensor assembly.


Easy mounting

The Universal mounting plate makes it easy to install a Bullet flood on a round or square box.

100,000 hour LED lifespan.

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