Get an earlier start on your work day with the free Granite City Electric Night Train delivery service.   Place your order by 6pm Monday through Friday, and your Powered by Care driver will deliver it to any secure area (jobsite, workshop, residence, etc) by 6am the following morning guaranteed.  No need to send your personnel to our counters in the morning or waste your own time in line to pick up product.

Go directly to your job in the morning and your materials will be there waiting for you.  Our drivers will make sure the goods are safe and in a secure location, uploading a location photo to our system for proof of delivery.   With a fleet of trucks out of Springfield and Taunton, Massachusetts, we can make hundreds of time-sensitive deliveries in one night.

GCE Site Finders for Night Train Deliveries are now available!

These weather-resistant stickers are finished with a reflective coating that lights up the night when shined with light.  You can now leave a GCE Site Finder sticker at the location where you’d like your deliveries dropped off. Ask for one today!