Team up with Granite City Electric’s Emergency Power group to ensure your customers aren’t left in the dark.  The majority of homes completely rely on the electricity you’ve helped provide for them.  So when weather and power outages strike, you’re the first person they should call for help.

Our Emergency Power Group specializes in helping you provide your customers with solutions for their specific emergency power needs.  Our complete line of Milbank residential, commercial and industrial generators with warranty and preventative maintenance will help ensure any size customer peace of mind, continuity and safety.

We’ll help you with identifying and managing the many factors involved in choosing the right size and type of generator, as well as getting the training to properly install, maintain and warranty the product.  Working with us will guarantee your customer is making the best possible investment towards an uninterrupted lifestyle.




Milbank provides, in our view, the best comprehensive parts and labor warranties in the industry.

• 8 & 10kW – 3 year parts and labor warranty
• 12, 17 & 20kW – 4 year parts and labor warranty
• All rust-resistant galvanneal enclosures – 3 year warranty; ideal for homes in coastal communities


Tested against the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 37 standard, all of Milbank’s air-cooled
(8-20kW) generators can be placed as close as 18 inches* from the home (our competitors 5’ or
60”), providing more placement options in yards – perfect for tight lot lines.

* Subject to the local authority having jurisdiction  * Must be placed 5’ from any door or window


Our 8, 10 & 12kW vertical generators boast the smallest environmental footprint in the industry.
Through Load Managment Technology, our environmentally friendly unit will consume less fuel.


Milbank generators include the following features designed to keep installers and homeowners safe:

• External fuel solenoid valve provides a safe and automatic way to shut off fuel during an emergency
• Automatic system shut-down at 300 degrees+
• Steel mounting pad and enclosure (can endure temperatures of more than double that of aluminum
and plastic) These are exclusive safety features only found in the commercial and industrial arena.


Milbank’s patented Power Management Technology allows for whole-house managed power—utilizing a smaller, more fuel efficient, more environmentally friendly generator system. This technology allows customers greater flexibility to power a variety of appliances during an outage.

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