gabe and wife

After almost twenty-five years of service, Gabe Goglia retired from Granite City Electric and the former Major Electric on Friday, October 3.  Seventy of his customers, co-workers, manufacturer and National Grid representatives recently joined Gabe and his family  at The Waterman Grille in Providence, RI to honor his stellar career.

Anne Quigley, Vice President of the Industrial Division, recognized Gabe’s contributions to Granite’s success, and talked about his reputation for treating his customers and co-workers with respect and professionalism.   “One of the gifts that you have, Gabe, is whatever customer you were working with, you made them feel they were the most important thing that you were doing.”  She talked about his particular expertise in the energy saving market, and his efforts to make the company a leader in this area by helping his customers save money in operating their facilities.

Several people, including Mike Doucette of LFE Solutions,  Don LaBelle, retired representative from Philips Lighting,  and Frank Davey from RISE Engineering, spoke of Gabe’s professionalism and how much fun they all had working with him.  Frank stated “our industry is losing an honest and genuine human being.   Your commitment to your customers was real and noticed by all of us.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with you for so long”.

“Thank you for all your years of being such a big part of Major Electric’s success and everything you have done for your customers, and your co-workers” said Alan Leven, Regional Vice President and former President of Major Electric.

We wish Gabe much happiness and health in his retirement. He will be missed.  Cheers!

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